My name is Joern Bargmann and I am a freelance web developer and photographer since 2002. I currently live in Como, Italy, but travel to Germany quite often, where I originally come from.

I spend my days developing websites that comply with web standards outlined by the W3C. I trained as a photographer at Studio-b15 and when I am not developing websites I work on various photographic projects with my wife, trying out new techniques.

If you have questions regarding photography, web standards, web development or if you need a job done, feel free to send me a note.

This site

On this weblog I’m going to collect interesting stuff from the web, personal stuff and publish some photos.

I’m going to write in english, which is not my native language, so if you find any mistakes or have some recommendations feel free to contact me.

I’m always working on this site. It is rather my playground to try out new stuff. This is just a website to test techniques and write about stuff I am interested in.


  • Name / Joern Bargmann
  • Age / 35
  • Location_1 / Erlangen, Germany
  • Location_2 / Como, Italy
  • Profession / Photographer, Web Developer

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